Country: Spain
Climate: Csa
  1. Catalan
  2. Spanish
Elevation: 22m
Global city category.: Alpha- Global Cities
City population.: 1,607,104 (2013) Rank: #60
Metro population.: 2,208,652 (2001)

Barcelona is a culturally vibrant Mediterranean city that has been so appreciated by tourists that it shot into the top-five most visited European destinations, competing head-to-head with the likes of Paris, London, and Rome despite being only a fraction of their size.


Language Study in Barcelona

Somewhat counter-intuitively, Barcelona is one of the top destinations in the world for learning Spanish. The language, while officially playing second fiddle to Catalan, can be heard (and used) practically everywhere in the city, save for a few predominantly Catalan-speaking neighborhoods.

For Catalan Learners

  • Consorci per la normalització lingüistica (
  • Direcció General de Política Lingüística (DGPL,

Catalan Literature

  • AELC - association of Catalan-language writers (created in 1977)


Links For Students

Live(d) in Barcelona:

Julià de Jòdar i Muñoz , Núria Perpinyà , Roberto Bolaño , Caterina Albert i Paradís , Maruja Torres

Practical Info For Visitors

Map of Barcelona

1: Casa Milà 2: La Rambla 3: La Sagrada Familia 4: Montjuïc 5: Park Güell 6: Torre Agbar
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