Kudacity is a site about comparing cities.

1: Find a City

First, we'd like to help you choose a place in the world where you can have a fulfilling cultural, educational, or professional experience. Today's world being mostly (and increasingly) urban, we focus on cities. To that end, we created a directory of world cities, categorized by their basic geographic characteristics (e.g. the climate), the language spoken, and their level of integration into the world economy (GaWC category).

2: Explore It

Second, for those who already know their destination, we collect local information which can be useful to expats, students studying abroad, and even short-term visitors. (Admittedly, the depth of coverage here is very uneven, but one has to start somewhere.)

3: Learn the Culture

Third, our site contains information which will be useful for those trying to integrate themselves into the host culture. Primarily, we want to help you with learning the language of your choice. There are notes on each of the main languages as well as city-specific directories of language schools offering classes for adult learners.

The Author

This project grew out its founder's obsession with urban life and form.