Native name: Москва (Moskva)
Country: Russia
Climate: Dfb
  1. Russian
Elevation: 151m
Global city category.: Alpha Global Cities
City population.: 12,380,664 (2017) Rank: #3
Metro population.: 17,100,000 (2017)
Whereas St. Petersburg was supposed to be Russia's "window on the West," Moscow has never had such aspirations: it is unabashedly and unapologetically Russian (nowadays perhaps even Eurasian). As the financial center of a vast country, Moscow doesn't shy away from showing both its wealth and its scale: the best (and largest) restaurants, the most expensive real estate, the busiest metro system, the longest traffic jams are all part of the the city's brand.

Live(d) in Moscow:

Mikhail Lermontov , Maxim Gorky , Alexander Herzen , Anton Chekhov , Mikhail Bulgakov

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1: Pushkin's Flat on the Arbat 2: Starlite Diner 3: The Andrey Bely Apartment (Museum) 4: US Embassy, Moscow
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